Hi! My name is Billy Bastardi. I'm an interactive web developer located in New York. I love to create beautiful websites and web applications!

What is WABISM?

An “ism” is a distinctive doctrine, theory, system or practice. A “WAB” is actually the initials of my full name, William Albert Bastardi. Simply put, WABISM is my thoughts, theories, and philosophies relevant to the industry in which I work.

I started this website as an informational resource. Throughout my experience working in the industry, a lot of what I learned was self-taught. I’m very grateful for all of the open-source and free-resources that exist today on the web. I only find it fair that I do my part to contribute to the ever-growing community.

Why did you start WABISM?

One of the biggest problems that I face when I’m trying to learn is that there is a plethora of information and not enough time! Like anything, research requires surfing, and a lot of it! When I’m researching for new knowledge, I find myself traveling from one website to another, trying to puzzle all the pieces together for the information I need.

A lot of what is out there is just so broad. I decided to make a resource to help consolidate all my research and knowledge, and reference useful websites that I found helpful over the course of my time on the path of free knowledge!

Does this artwork have any meaning?

If you haven’t noticed, the website design is an illustration that tells a story. The illustration is a creative way to express to the world what this website is all about. In order to understand it, you need to put some thought into what’s really going on. You need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where the footer aids you to better understand the story.

What are those little pink things?

I like to refer to those little pink blob characters as “WABS.”  A WAB is a creative way to express my thoughts.  The WAB characters are simply thoughts that escaped from my mind.  Each WAB is trying to problem solve and figure out different ways to get to the moon.

How can you help my company?

I focus on your needs and objectives to create the perfect site for your target audience.  I will give your businesses a professional and modern online identity, tailored around your companies new or existing brand. I focus on your business methods and build around what you will need to accomplish your goals online.

Tell me more about yourself!

I’m an interactive freelance web developer helping to educate the open-source development community. I have a passion for learning and I love working with the latest web technologies to help increase business exposure, efficiency, internal organization, communication and collaboration. 

I’m a very simple person. I love knowledge, people, friends, and having fun! I’m a very driven individual and spend a lot of my day on the computer. I like to build things and invent things. My main objective is to help add value to businesses with modern web-technologies, and expose those who are unaware of new technologies that can help improve their business.

Building professional websites and web applications for customers is what I do.  I’m a talented entrepreneur based in New York. When I’m not working on WABISM, I am often building websites or web-applications for clients. I like to help organize businesses and streamline operations.

Currently, I am working with Mavis Discount Tire as the Lead Front End Developer on an internal business application that helps them run their warehousing operation much more efficiently.  If you want to improve your overall business, whether it be a fresh new design or develop a program to help increase efficiency, I’m your guy! Reach out to me through my contact tab.