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Facebook pages are gaining millions of new followers every day. With the ability to reach over 800 million people in a single click, it’s important for today’s businesses to be associated with Facebook and other types of social media.

Having a Facebook Fan Page not only gives you an online reputation, but it also gives you the ability to directly market towards consumers that are already interested in your products and/or services. The more people that like your Facebook Page, the greater your potential outreach will be.

Hopefully, my compilation of the Top 15 ways to get more people to “Like” your Facebook page will be resourceful to you and help you expose your business in a more effective way.

And The List Begins…

  1. Post a status update mentioning your Facebook page. Asking people to join your Facebook page isn’t unheard of. It’s a very direct way to engage with your consumers even if it’s from your personal account. Give people an incentive to join by telling them news or find a creative way to mention and link to your page.
  2. Add photos that are tagged with some of your friends or add photos that your friends can tag themselves in. You can use photos from different types of events. This is somewhat of a backlinking technique for your Facebook Page. The more people that are tagged to the photos on your Facebook Page, the more trails of breadcrumbs your leaving for people to find and follow back to your Page.
  3. Installing Page Badge is a great way to link to your Facebook profile. They load fast and aren’t overwhelming or obnoxious.
  4. Using status tagging allows you to tag any page or person by entering the @ sign and then typing the name of the page or person you want to tag. A sample status would be something like “I learned 25 ways to get more people to like my Facebook page @Wabism”. You can have your friends and family reference your pages, to help increase your page exposure.
  5. Suggest your page to friends using the “suggest to friends” feature. Don’t spam it. You want to leave a good impression, not an impression of annoyance.
  6. Installing Like buttons on your website allows visitors to like your page and helps expose it. When someone Likes your page, it will send a message to that users facebook activity stream. This will help convert your website visitors into Facebook fans.
  7. Share your followers from other social media platforms. You can do this by connecting your page to twitter, enabling a gateway of “follower conversion”. This technique will basically stream your posts from Facebook to twitter with a backlink to your Facebook version of the post.
  8. Include your a link to your Facebook Page in your e-mail signature.
  9. Include backlinks as much as possible (social media profiles, forum comments signature/profile, blog comments, partnered companies, advertisements, marketing material, business cards, etc).
  10. Uploading a video to Facebook helps expose your Facebook Page. When you embed a Facebook website on another website the video includes a watermark link in the top left corner to the fan page it came from.
  11. Advertise your page. Talk about it, blog about it, reference it…spread the word. You can also use Facebook advertising to directly market towards your target audience.
  12. Offer an incentive for people tos ign up. The more valuable your incentive is, the more people will be compelled to click the “Like” button to access it. Leverage the free app involver to help you build things such as coupons, and other promotions for your company.
  13. Promotions for Facebook “fans” only. You can do something as simple as a “fan of the month” promotion, encouraging your audience to engage more within your mini-community. This is something that’s more effective when done on a continual basis (ie. monthly).
  14. Link your page as a place of employment. Let your employees add your Facebook page to their profiles. This will help increase your company exposure through your co-workers. Enabling everyone of your co-workers to indirectly promote your Facebook Page.
  15. Sending out a monthly newsletter with a reference to your Facebook Page can help tremendously.

Many of these strategies are referenced from FanPageFlow. Be sure to check out there website, it’s very insightful.

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