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We recently released an extension to restrict certain areas of your Magento website to “Members Only”. This extension grants you the ability to selectively restrict sections of your store such as the products catalog and/or the cms pages to registered customers. Additionally, it enables you to restrict front-end customer account registration through the configurable settings in the administrative backend.

“Members Only” actively listens for certain pages to be triggered and then checks to see if the user is logged in or not. If they’re not logged in, it simply redirects them to the user login page and askes them for their account credentials. This extension is FREE to use and easy to setup and install.

Now you can have your product catalog limited to only members, but have your general website available for everyone to see! Start restricting your Magento store today!

This customer restriction extension is compatible with Magento v1.5, v1.5.1, and v1.6+.

If you are interested in using this FREE extension or learning more about it, check it out at Magento Connect – WABISM Members Only.

If you would like to download and install it manually, I’ve provided a link for you to download the free extension.

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  1. Hi,
    I have installed it successfully on 1.7 . But can’t see any changes on front end. Can you please help me to make it functional.

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